What to expect

What should I wear?

When preparing for, and arriving at, your appointment, please wear light-colored, workout-type clothing. Your therapist will want to see your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles as best they can. For women, if you aren't comfortable wearing a sports bra, please wear a tank top. For men, please wear a t-shirt and shorts. For both males and females please wear or bring tennis shoes. You can bring your clothes to change into if need-be.

What is an appointment like?

Your first appointment will include:

After your appointment

You will continue to do your exercises daily in your own home between appointments. Your therapist will suggest the desired amount of time between appointments. Remember, postural therapy is a process, but your body position will be changing! Therefore, it’s important that we see you to update your menu as your posture changes.

Take a look at Steven’s first experience (video courtesy of www.sonima.com)