Postural therapy is based on 8 laws of physical health:

As adaptable as the human design is, all humans are subject to the 8 Laws of Physical Health.

  1. Vertical loading: Gravity is necessary for health, but the body must be vertically aligned for it to have a positive effect on us. (See image below)
  2. Dynamic tension: A constant state of tension exists between the front and back of the body. The posterior (back) of the body is responsible for the extension of the body, and the anterior (front) of the body is responsible for the flexion, or bending, of the body. Neither activity can be performed correctly without proper tension.
  3. Form & function: All skeletal movement is initiated by muscles. Thus, bones do what muscles tell them.
  4. Breathing: The body needs oxygen, so proper breathing is necessary. This law is so essential that the body has redundant systems to ensure compliance.
  5. Motion: All of the body’s systems (digestive, immune, etc.) are related, bound together by the common thread of movement. We are designed to run, jump, climb, fall, and skip not just for initial development but for continued health throughout our lives. If these activities hurt or cause pain it is because we are violating some or all of the laws of health.
  6. Balance: In order for the law of motion to be effective and true, the body must achieve balance, defined as muscle memory, sufficient to constantly return the body to the law of vertical loading. For balance to occur, muscles must work equally in pairs on both sides of the body.
  7. Stimulus: The body is constantly reacting to stimulation regardless of the conscious state of health. Therefore, the law of motion reinforces this through muscle action. If motion is limited, stimulus becomes stressful to the body as systems break down from lack of use.
  8. Renewal: The body is organic. Therefore, it is in a constant state of growth or rebirth. Muscles, bones, nerves, connective tissues, cartilage, etc. are all alive. If the body is not renewing, it is because we are violating the laws of physical health.
the body must be vertically aligned